Stylishly Fashionable Personalized Holiday Beach Bag for Girls


Elevate your style with our eco-chic Straw Woven Bag. This trendy satchel, inspired by Xu Daqing’s style, boasts a grass texture and unique tape-pulling closure. Perfect for the fashion-forward individual, it’s a stylish blend of eco-conscious and boho-chic.

Product Details:

Material: Grass

Closure: Tape Pulling

Pattern: Solid Color

Color Options: Xu Daqing’s Style (Drawstring Inner Bag) – Straw Free Ball Gift Inner Bag with Straw Player Withdrawal Gift Lining

Style: Straw Woven Bag

In the Package:

  • 1 Women’s Satchel

Weight 0,67 lbs
Dimensions 320 × 300 × 60 cm

Drawstring inner pocket, Grass ball type, Portable funds


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